Scocha Returns

Linsey and baby Talia in center, with (L-R) Beth Lowell, Marilyn Kourinos, Lebby Campbell, and Kristin Morris.

New York Tartan Week 2012 was a very exciting one with the long awaited return of everyone’s favorite “Folk-N-Roll” band, Scocha. They’ve developed a very loyal fan base around the world, in no small part because they connect with their fans and have become friends with many of them. The McIvor family of Glenrothes, Scotland has experienced this firsthand.
Pam and John McIvor discovered Scocha and became fans of “the Lads,” in 2008. In March 2011, Pam took their daughter Linsey, who was going through a difficult time, to a Scocha show to cheer her up. And thus Linsey became a fan. The family made plans to go see the band again in June 2011 in Langholm. But just before the show, they were hit with devastating news—John was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
He was released from the hospital especially to go to the show, and commented to the band’s Iain Scott (Scottie), that “a Scocha gig was better than morphine.” On September 9, 2011, John McIvor attended his last show. Very frail and wheelchair-bound, he still came dressed in “Scocha Style,” wearing his kilt, Scocha t-shirt, and boots. Sadly five days later, he lost his battle with cancer.
Linsey continued to go to Scocha gigs, and when David Chapman (Chappy) told her they would be going to New York to perform during Tartan Week, Linsey and Pam bought tickets. And then more news—Linsey was pregnant!
By the time Tartan Week rolled around, Linsey was nervous about going to New York at such an advanced stage, but kept telling herself everything would be fine as long as she was back home by the due date. With a determined attitude (and permission from her doctor), she and Pam flew over.
On Thursday April 12th, Tartan Week Committee member Lebby Campbell was prepping an “Evening with Scocha” at St. Andrew’s Restaurant. The dinner was a fundraiser for the “Bring Scocha to America” campaign, and Linsey and Pam had bought tickets. And, coincidentally, it was Lebby’s 40th birthday. The Lads arrived to sign CD’s and T-Shirts—and exclaimed that Linsey had just had her bairn! Lebby replied, “Well, it’s a great day to have a birthday!”
Talia J. McIvor was born at 4:48 PM weighing 4lbs 15oz. The J in Talia’s name is in honor of Grandfather John McIvor. The United States of America welcomes a new citizen—and Scocha welcomes a new fan!
One final hurdle: Linsey would not be allowed to take Baby Talia back to Scotland until her birth certificate could be issued—which could take months. Fortunately, on April 13th Scocha was performing at the New York Caledonian Club’s Pre-Parade Ceilidh. Several members of the Scottish Parliament were in attendance, including Tricia Marwick, who was the Presiding Officer and…wait for it…the representative for Linsey’s town! Alan Brydon of the band told Ms. Marwick of Linsey’s predicament; she was able to expedite the issue; and Linsey and Talia were back in Scotland just three weeks later.
During the interim, Linsey and Talia stayed at the Maine home of family friend (and fellow Scocha supporter) Marilyn Kourinos. Thank you, Marilyn.
Linsey and Talia returned to the US recently for a visit with Marilyn, Lebby and the ladies of the Falmouth Whisky Society. And the Tartan Week Committee wonders what will happen at 2013’s events…



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